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and the taxes were going up, all i was offered was black market cigarettes. i'll tell you something, i miss the drugs. whoever is keeping score. >> it's going to turn me into a cigarette pimp. all these young people will try to get me to buy cigarettes. i'm going to be a horrible cigarette pimp. coming up. i saw something moving in my sad had. i ate it because i'm a weirdo. how does this model ruin one poor slob's marriage? we'll get to the bottom. >>> a red lobster waitress, is there any other kind, claim a customer left her a racial slur, the "n" word instead of a tip, but was it a hoax. she posted this on facebook. the receipt shows the name of an alleged racist. according to handwriting analyst, whoever wrote none in the tip line is not the same who wrote the "n" word. one analyst says the waitress might have written it herself. nobody knows. we asked "red eye" handwriting analysis to weigh in. that's just like me reading entertainment weekly. i can't find anything i like. i just thumb through it. tom, the waitress says she believes the guy didn't write it. kind of late after his name g
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)